China´s Belt And Road Initiative

China´s Belt And Road Initiative

Chan, Thomas; Mooney, Paul; Figueiredo, Paulo G.; Marques, José Juís de Sales

International Institute of Macau

International Institute of Macau



Uma Faixa Uma Rota; Desenvolvimento económico; Cooperação económica; Países lusófonos






The role of Macao and the Portuguese-speaking countries.
China´s Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most important diplomatic and economic projects of our times, one that needs continuing in-depth coverage given its size and complexity. This book aims to provide the public with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide on this great national project. It also explains the role of Macao and the Portuguese-speaking countries in the initiative and in the Great Bay Area, another important national project of the 21st century. The initiative has the ambitious goal of remaking the world´s economic and political map, with China sharing prosperity with business partners worldwide.
This book was published by IIM, a partnership with the Maritime Silk Road Association (Macau) and supported by the Macao Foundation.